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Carpooling in Malta – advantages of the service


Malta attracts over a million tourists each year. Whilst that may not sound like much, when compared to the likes of France, Italy or even the United States, when you take into account Malta’s size, which is barely larger than the area of the German city of Munich, the number can be quite astonishing. And even in a small island(s) you need transportation. One of the fastest-growing and most convenient ways to get around Malta is carpooling. We’re here to tell you more about its advantages!

Convenience for the user

The first and obviously, the most important advantage is the convenience for the user. You can order and call the car from seemingly anywhere on the island. There’s a convenient app that you can use to plan your journey and know the price as well as complete the payment. It’s super-simple to use and very convenient because the car will pick you up and drop at convenient locations at your destination or within walking distance from it.


Compared to white taxis and even renting your own car, the service of carpooling is cheaper. It’s very affordable because you’re usually sharing rides with other people. And also, due to route optimization, the company can save by planning a more optimal travel itinerary that takes less detours and allows for more fluent pick-up and drop off. All in all, carpooling is more affordable than other travelling choices with equal or similar comfort level.


We don’t want to imply certain assumptions, but often, tourists complain that taxi are not very honest and transparent, when it comes to fare calculation and estimation. If you want to avoid scams and dishonest drivers (albeit there is only a small percentage of people that will offer dishonest services), choose carpooling. The app shows your current ride, estimates the price before the trip and keeps an archive of past travels.

Much easier than driving in Malta

For most people, driving in Malta is a challenge due to the fact that traffic goes on the left-hand side of the road. If you come from a place where that’s the law – no learning curve is necessary. However, undertaking driving with a whole different traffic order is a difficult challenge that you will need to overcome. If you’re not confident in your driving abilities or are just looking to relax more, instead of worrying about parking and narrow roads, choose and trust carpooling to get you where you need to go.

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