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About Freight Transportation in Spain


Freight transport covers all movements of goods by land transport modes on a given network. The data are expressed in ton-kilometers, which represents the displacement of one tone per kilometer. They are available for road and rail modes.

The statistics on the transport of goods relate to the tones transported, the use of vehicles, the volumes and the nature of the goods transported (by road, iron, fluvial). They are also derived from the survey of goods flows in transit and the “courier” survey. Finally the warehouses are described by their storage activity.

All modes

Freight Transport Information System database collects customs data on the mode of transport at the border as well as data from different statistical sources on national and international land transport. The customs results relate to the tons transported or the value of the goods, and the other sources to the tons loaded and the ton-kilometers made.

Rail freight transport

Statistics on rail freight transport are collected from companies with a safety certificate and authorized to operate on Spanish territory. The data collected makes it possible to respond to the European regulation n ° 91/2003 relating to rail transport statistics. The statistics presented in this section relate to transport carried out in Spain regardless of the nationality of the railway operator.

Road freight transport

The statistics come from the Spanish part of the European Permanent Road Freight Survey (TRM).

In Spain, it concerns the transport carried out by heavy goods vehicles of more than 3,5 t. of PTACs registered in Spain, whether for use by others or on own account. The data produced concern the use of road freight vehicles, as well as the volumes and nature of the goods transported. Learn about the methodology. You can easily get the contacts of some Load board experts on many website. But you should go for the service which will fulfil your requirements.


The survey of warehouse and logistics platform activity in 2010 contributes to a better understanding of the storage offering in Spain. It provides statistics on the characteristics of the warehouses (refrigerated or not, surface area, volume). Data is also disseminated on their activity (vehicle movements, stored products, average filling rate), as well as on the themes of multimodality and energy characteristics.

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