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Enthralling Daze Amid The Beautiful Beaches and Incredible Palms Of Goa


For all those travellers out there who are looking forward to a sublime retreat, the monsoon is just the perfect time to go to Goa for a long break. Well-known for its terrific beaches dotted with swaying palms, Gothic cathedrals, delicious cookeries and colonial magnetism, Goa draws a flock of day-trippers; both worldwide and national.

Goa used to be the former colony of Portugal and endured so for more or less 500 years. The thoroughfares and structural design of Goa replicate the unification of Indian and Portuguese style of planning. Even the ethos and cooking of Goa mirrors a fine intermingling of different ethos with noticeable Portuguese essence. The multi-ethnic atmosphere, fine cuisines, cavalcades and merriments, wide-ranging shopping sprees and warm inhabitants greet the travellers who come to Goa. Travellers can avail of a range of services which comprises affordable Calangute resort Goa, tours and travel packages and cuisines in the restaurants and thatched shacks by the beautiful beaches.

There are a number of explanations why people horde to Goa during the course of the year. The prime reason for Goa holidays is the spectacular beaches of Goa. There are a number of beaches both visited and immaculate, which offers a tranquil escape to the itinerants on Goa tours.

The most exotic beaches of Goa that travellers can find nearby Calangute resort Goa are Agonda, Butterfly, Patnem and Palolem beach whereas the most visited beaches include Anjuna, Calangute and Colva beach. A range of amusing and revivifying activities is available to the visitors by the beaches. Beach volleyballs, swimming, surfing and motorboats are some of the activities that visitors can enjoy there.

The nightlife by the beaches is likewise exhilarating yet peaceful with sporadic sounds of leaves dishevelled by a gentle breeze and enigmatic reverberation of the waves reaching the shore.

Besides the awe-inspiring beaches, tourists on Goa holidays can enjoy their stay in Goa. They can sightsee remarkable pieces of architecture with noticeable Portuguese inspiration. The inspirational Gothic Cathedrals, ancient manors and many spiritual milestones together with the Basilica of Bom Jesus. People on Goa tours can also travel around the lush striking surroundings in and around Goa particularly during monsoon. Even the prices of Calangute resort Goa come down significantly depending on the negotiating skills of the visitor.

Otherwise, the peak season when Goa is mostly visited by tourists is during Christmas and New Year when most of the Calangute resorts Goa are reserved beforehand and fares of these resorts are pretty high. During this period the beaches, resorts and hotels in Goa are filled to the brim with sightseers from around the world. The serene ambience of Goa converts to cavalcades atmosphere all of a sudden with gaieties and carousing doing the rounds for the most part of the second half of December and early January. There are plenty of cascades and lush orchards in the scenery of Goa to travel around for the travellers who amuse in determining the striking natural grandeur.

For the holidaymakers looking for Goa economical packages, several authorities sanctioned tours and travel operators provide a range of perfect as well as custom-made travel plan according to the expectations of the travellers.

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