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People have fascination for unknown. So they want to travel for making new experience. Travelling allow them to have their personal space and helps to forget their other obligations such as work and other obligations. Many people thought that knowledge gained from travel is better than reading text books. There are many places in the world that everyone should see. In this era, people love travelling to the risky places. They want to see the new places. Climbing Mount Everest, skiing in Alps become fascinating among peoples.

Before going for a travel, best way to keep our safety is travel insurance. This insurance reduces the risk of Medical emergency, lost, stolen or damaged baggage of travel documents, travel interruptions and travel delays due to weather. This insurance policy helps us from unwanted economical risk. But these travel policies do not cover illness caused by the usage of drugs or alcohol, hijacking, terrorism or wars. These insurance policy covers the full duration of travel. Multi-trip policies are also available which covers all the trips carried in given period of time.

Overseas travel is what everyone dreams off. There are many wonders in the world we live in. Many of the people have the idea of travelling around the world. The interest of travel is increased day by day. Many books are written in the concept of world travel and attains huge hit. Around the world in 80 days, Eat Pray Love is few examples of books which are written in the concept of world travel. Many movies are created in the concept of travel which explains the nature of travel.

Traveler should be aware of the place before going for travel. Travel may brings you lot of discomfort. Food, environment and nature of people differ for every location. Traveler should adjust everything. Hygiene is the major thing that every traveler should concentrate on. Change of climate will affect your mental and physical health. Before going for freezing or very hot place, consult your doctor to keep your health. Nepal, Columbia, Jordan is the most preferred country for travel. European countries like Austria, Italy has wide range of travelers.

Ship travels are also loved by the peoples. The atmosphere of ocean may affect people. Before going for sea travel, traveler should be aware of sea. Choosing of ship is also important. Ship should contain high technologies and more number of live boats. It is dangerous when compared to other travel. Sinking of ships is reduced because of the latest technologies. Cyclones and pirates will risk our life when travelling in ships. Movies such as Life of Pie, Titanic and Captain Philips show the risk of pirates and cyclones in the ocean. Pichavaram is a place located in Cuddalore district is the second largest mangrove forest in the world. This is the place that every sea traveler should visit. The beauty of this mangrove forest cannot be explained in words.

Need of travel insurance is increased these day. It helps us to travel without fear and allow us concentrate on our trip. Many of our unwanted fears are reduced these insurance policy.

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