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Interesting Info About The Bandung Kawah Putih Tourism


Aside from being a shopping centre, Kota Kembang also has many natural attractions which offer exceptional beauty. One of them is the Bandung White Crater tour. In case you only know the Tangkuban Perahu nature tour, you really have to discover About Bandung Kawah Putih tourist information. Despite the fact that you simply read the information, you’ll definitely be intrigued in visiting it. Kawah Putih is an attraction for tourist based in the Ciwidey region, Bandung. This place is a pond formed from eruption of Mount Patuha that is at an elevation of over 2, 090 meters over sea level.

Attempt to see the complete review below, ensured you’ll be interested and wish to rapidly Go to this Ciwidey Kawah Putih tour. History of the Ciwidey White Crater. The crater we know is in fact the crater of Mount Patuha, but with time people realize it as the white crater. This place was formed because of the devastating eruption of Mount Patuha from the 10th and 12 centuries. In fact, this mountain has two craters from the west and the White Crater that we know today. At first, the existence of the attraction for tourist wasn’t known from the local community.

Its presence has been revealed thanks to the efforts of a specialist named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn. In 1837, Junghuhn moved to the top of Patuha Mountain to conduct a research. He made it to the top of Patuha Mountain and from there he saw a pond with water which was slightly green with a burst of lava on it. Upon this discovery, the Dutch Government that at the colonized time Indonesia established a limestone factory named Zwavel Ontgining Kawah Putih. Following the power was taken over by the Japanese authorities, the name has changed to the white crater of Kenzanka Yokoya Ciwidey.

Starting from there, its presence became very famous. In 1987, the authorities started to develop this region as a tourist attraction. Myth. The existence of the Bandung Kawah Putih tourism object is obviously not divided from the myths which developed in the local community. In the past, the regional people strongly considered this place to be very sacred due to its mysterious aura. During that time, not a single bird awakens to pass within this region which was considered haunted. Since, if a bird wants to pass it, then the bird will certainly die. According to belief, this is because on the top of the mountain you will find just seven tombs of ancestors or acquaintances whose names begin with the word Eyang.

They can be Eyang Jaga Satru, Rangsa Sadana, Camat, Ngabai, Barabak, Baskom, and Jambrong. When Junghuhn visited himhe didn’t see a single bird passing over it. Then he asked the local community, they said the fantasy that he’d believed thus far. Nevertheless, Junghuhn did not believe it. Clearly he managed to reach the crest of Mount Patuha and found the Ciwidey White Crater.


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