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Post Holidays’ Syndrome


By the term holiday we mean a time that we usually do different activities than we did before. We mainly change our living environment, but the most important thing is that we change habits, abstaining from day-to-day transportation by public transport, working hours, some groups or relationships trying to live carefree moments away from responsibilities and obligations.

We choose sunny places, somewhere really exotic. We make our dream come true by visiting the famous Bali of Indonesia and spend some unforgettable time there. We swim, we dive into crystal clear waters and we taste some great Indonesian food. We take part at various Bali events and we feel like locals for a while.

Of course, as we perceive and according to the people who accompany us on our holiday, friends, companion, children, relatives, unless we decide to be alone, the type of holidays is also shaped. In any case, however, we interrupt what we did, changing habits, and lifestyle in general. We are looking for the pleasure of entertainment and the “lifestyle” we have chosen for that time – the loner is looking for the creation of a relationship, bound for the prospect of a harmonious situation in it, with the family or relatives looking for it his pleasure in the pleasure of others.

During the holiday season we can divide it into three stages:

The stage before

The stage during the holidays

The period after

In the first stage, the individual is worried about the organization of the holiday, the destination choice and the high expectations for his recreation. In the second stage he or she is experiencing the holidays, while the third stage depends on the two previous ones. In any case, regardless of whether he has gone well, he wishes to repeat them briefly, even for a while. Of course, as long as it has not gone well, the desire for a short escape is even more intense in order to remedy some of its unsatisfactory main vacation.

However, the most important thing is the need for a change in lifestyles and lifestyles in order for a person to be renewed and to strengthen his / her self-confidence to evolve and advance in the personal and professional sector and to feel that he / she can adapt to all areas of his / her activities.

So we all understand the need for holidays as a reality that concerns our mental mood and tranquility in order to emerge through renewed, self-confident and empowering self-esteem. If we consider that at this time many people suffer financially and only the fact that one can make a holiday is enough to strengthen his self-confidence.

So a satisfactory holiday period creates the conditions for someone to feel able to continue their professional and other activities. If something goes wrong and these are unpleasant, this will make it harder for work and life, but in this case there is, as we mentioned above, the solution of mini-holidays that can help reduce stress from ‘failed’. Returning from holidays means confident, but in any case our reaction must be an attempt to repeat them with a goal for a good one for everyone.

Increasing self-confidence can work more effectively in professional and social progress. Simply put, the return to everyday life is accompanied by a way of developing social relations, reviewing and developing the roles of the individual with a view to better adapting it, with new plans and new orientations in order to achieve the desired result. However, these designs do not apply to everyone.

This mood for many is impossible either because of their nature or their location (housewives used in the same care jobs for home and children, people with disabilities, children starting the new school year, everyone feels starting an identical process with previous years so they can expect immediate next holidays).

Recognizing that each phase has its positive sides will demystify and minimize the importance of returning home, work, neighborhood, and the same people. Therefore, the benefit of the holidays is our support as personalities, enabling us to improve our inner world with activities related to our entertainment, the change of the interior decoration of our home, the company with beloved friends.

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