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Oman Holidays: The New Adventure Destination


Oman is an Arab country, which is located on the southeast coast of Arabian Peninsula. It has Saudi Arabia, Yemen and United Arab Emirates as its neighbors. It is a Muslim country covering an area of 309,550 square kilometers and a population of 2,845,000. Located in southwest Asia, this country has a very hot and humid climate, specifically during summers. The recommended holiday season is the winter season, particularly the months from October to March, when the temperature is much better.

Spread with enormous deserts, wild blue sea waters, beautiful beaches, mountains and untouched “Wadis”, Oman is truly a tourist heaven for those who want to refresh in nature’s own lap, as it has ample natural beauty as well as rich nomad culture.

Oman offers the most adventures holidays for tourists. You can enjoy the thrill of being on your own or with a group in a remote wadi enjoying swimming in deep down waters under a cave. Or, ride along difficult terrain in your four-wheeler. You can also go to the beach and enjoy the exotic depths of the sea with snorkeling, or simply go for sightseeing in one of the most ancient sites in the world.

A wadi is basically a dried up riverbed that has lots of vegetation, located inside a desert. It also has pools and running waters flowing through some areas. The joy of seeing a wadi, after a totally deserted and barren terrain usually has a stunning effect on tourists. You must rent a four wheeler, preferably with a driver and a guide, and explore the wild terrain of these wadis. Go camping along with all the required stuff, and you will have the adventure of your life. Lying under the star-lit sky, along a camp fire, you can place your soul at peace.

Further exploring these wadis, you can find natural springs and caves with underground pools of water, which are best for swimming. You will also come across traditional villages on your trip and here you can get the taste of the nomad culture of Oman. The popular wadis are Wadi Bani Khalid, Wadi Shab, Wadi Tiwi, Wadi Al Abaya and Wadi Dhaigah.

Another must have adventure while in Oman is exploring the 1700 kilometers of coastline of Oman. Oman has one of the most striking beaches in the world. Most of these beaches are unexplored and are very peaceful. Some of these beaches are attached with beach resort hotels, and the rest are public beaches. On these beaches, you can swim or lie under the palm shades, and some of the beaches also boast snorkeling and Jet Ski facilities. For sea life lovers, these beaches are heaven, because they have some of the most exotic sea creatures such as turtles etc. The most popular beaches are Qurum, Marjan and Bandar Jissah.

Oman is also a country with a long standing history. So, history lovers can cruise along the deserted terrain and find more than 500 fort and towers, some of which are around 1500 years old.

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