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Top open-air music festivals in Poland


Travelling is not only about visiting famous places or sightseeing for hours on end. Sometimes the reason for travelling might be simply your love for a particular subject. When it comes to music you should consider going to Poland. A Polish travel agency ITS Poland offers an insight into some of the best music festivals you may wish to attend.

Popular music

If you ask any Polish citizen about music festivals possibly one of the first ones that comes to their minds is Open’er in Gdynia as this is one of the longest running annual festival of contemporary popular music on such a scale in Poland. The festival takes place on a Navy airfield in Kosakowo with three separate stages and a campsite for attendees. All the music fans will have a chance to enjoy performances both international and Polish superstars, as well as some new talents. For the lovers of alternative sounds, we might recommend travelling down south to Katowice to take part in Off Festival taking place annually since 2006. The festival under a watchful eye of Artur Rojek, leader of a popular Polish band Myslovitz, has been a great success right off the bat with a whole plethora of local and international artists and ever-growing number of people participating. If Gdynia or Katowice are not exactly on your way, you may want to head out to Warsaw. Orange Warsaw Festival is another hugely popular event taking place in the country’s capital. The two-day event is packed with bands and singers populating top-charts lists around the world. Regardless of your music taste and preferences you may rest assured that by attending one of the above-mentioned festivals you will have an amazing time and some unforgettable experience.

Cult festivals

Among all the festivals in Poland there are two that are more than just about music, but rather played an important cultural role in Polish history: Jarocin Festival and Pol’and’Rock (formerly known as Woodstock Festival Poland). During the times of Polish People’s Republic Jarocin Festival was an escape from the grey reality and an oasis of freedom. The festival featured punk rock, rock, heavy metal, blues and reggae. This was the only place where independent music groups could perform relatively freely and censor free. It allowed for more freedom in the way people dressed, behaved and spoke their minds. Pol’and’Rock might not go back as far as Jarocin, with its first edition in 1995, however, its cultural significance is equally grand. The festival is organised by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – the largest and leading non-government charity in Poland and financed solely with sponsor and purposeful donations and money from sold merchandise. The festival entry is free of charge as a form of gratitude to all the volunteers and their hard work for the Great Orchestra. Both festivals are held annually and still keep going, raising the bar each year with bigger bands, better conditions and more people attending.

Other mentions

Unlike the large-scale festivals mentioned above there are quite a few ones not as popular, yet definitely worth recommending. One such honourable mention is the Polish Boogie Festival held annually in the small town of Człuchów, about 2-hour’s drive from Gdańsk. This week-long festival is a real treat for all boogie and rocabilly fans from all over the world. Live stage music, dance shows and lessons, café racing motorcycles drag racing and tonnes of people sporting pin-up and rockabilly fashion. Another top-pick is the International Country and Folk Picnic in Mrągowo. Held annually by the beautiful lake Czos. The few days of the festival are filled with free, laid back fun, good music, dancing and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Final thoughts

The festivals listed above are just a few examples of what Poland has to offer and the number of shows of all genres is simply staggering. Should you wish to attend any music festival you may want to reach out to a trusted Polish travel agency, such as ITS Poland. Their experienced staff will help you pick the right accommodation, book flight tickets or prepare a tailor-made travel itinerary inclusive of music festivals. Just pick your kind of festival and head to Poland!

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